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We are Australia’s leading casual and long term ‘floor care’ company for Scrubber & Sweeper Rental and Lease

When it comes to sweeper rental, a good start would be to ask one of our qualified floor care representatives to inspect your site to determine the most practical and economical unit for your application.

The term of the rental plan depends on your requirements. The length of terms vary from 1-5 years.

The equipment is fully maintained on a regular basis by our specialist service technicians.

Scrubber / Sweeper Rental

There are no big up-front costs to find. You would just have a flat monthly payment to make over the agreed term.

There are other benefits to renting i.e. whenever the rental term ceases, you can upgrade your existing equipment by replacing it with the latest model.

Another advantage to renting is that maintenance is included, thus avoiding any possible extra expenses and time hassles that may occur with equipment that was company owned.

Many businesses opt to rent from National Sweepers their sweepers and scrubbers because these items tend to depreciate in value rather quickly, so to rent avoids the problem of upkeep and disposal costs.

Sweeper Renting or Sweeper leasing?

When renting a sweeper or scrubber, the equipment is fully maintained and serviced, and is returned to National Sweepers at the end of the term.

A lease is slightly more expensive than renting, but at the end of the term you actually own the equipment.

Outright Sweeper or Scrubber Purchase

All machines shown on our product pages are available for Sale.

All machines come with Full Warranty, and After-Sales Service and Support.

We provide comprehensive operator training as part of our Sales-Service to ensure correct operation of the machine.

Long-Term Scrubber / Sweeper Rental

New and Used machines are available for Long Term Rental. We will negotiate a Term and Contract to best suit your needs. Our Rental sweepers and scrubbers are fully maintained, so your costs are clearly defined.

Casual & Short-Term Sweeper Rental

Our Rental Fleet of Sweepers and Scrubbers is available for Daily, Weekly and Monthly Rental.

We will deliver the machine and instruct Operators in its proper use.

We can also provide Cleaning Chemicals to suit most applications.

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