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Alto Aero 26-21 – Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

$0.00 ex GST
Being compact, light-weight and robust, the Aero 26 wet and dry vacuum cleaner can easily be transported to any location, e.g. by car. After finishing your job, the container can be easily emptied. An innovative storage solution makes it easy to place suction hose, nozzles and power cord in several positions.

Alto Attix 50-0H Safety Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

$0.00 ex GST
The Attix 50-0H is a Health & Safety Wet & Dry vacuum cleaner designed for working with H Class hazardous dust. With large suction power suitable for high frequency cleaning its large 50 litre container lets you work longer without having to empty the container.

Alto Attix 50-21 – Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

$0.00 ex GST

Wet&Dry vacuum cleaners with superior suction power for high-frequency cleaning

Wet or Dry - when high performance combined with big container volume is a must. ATTIX 50 is the solution for the demanding customer with a high frequency of cleaning.

Alto Attix 560-21XC – Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

$0.00 ex GST
The large size of the ATTIX 560-21XC allows you to work longer without emptying the container. Operating costs are minimized with the washable PET Fleece filter elements, and the low working noise level lets you work when others are nearby, without disturbing them.

Alto Attix 751-61 Pump Out Vacuum Cleaner

$0.00 ex GST
The ATTIX 751-61 is designed with a 70 litre container which allows you to work for a very long time without emptying the container, you will find the Tilt or Lift-Off container system extremely convenient and time-saving.  Operating costs are minimised with the washable PET fleece filter elements.

Alto Attix 791-2M/B1 Explosion Proof Vacuum Cleaner

$0.00 ex GST
The Attix 791-2M/B1 is an Industrial Health & Safety, Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner. It is suitable for working with ATEX Type 22 explosive dust and M Class hazardous dust environments. This makes it ideal for bakeries, flour mills and environments where static electricity is a concern.

Alto Attix 965-21 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

$0.00 ex GST
The tougher the cleaning, the better the vacuum cleaner needs to be. This is why so much thought has gone into the design of the Attix 965-21. With 7200 LPM of air volume, 3000W of maximum power, it's capable of fast, productive cleaning of dirt, metal chips & liquid spills.  

Alto Attix 995-0H Explosion Proof Vacuum Cleaner

$0.00 ex GST
The Attix 995-0H/M SD XC can handle M and H Class and explosive dusts. By choosing the correct antistatic container inlet in combination with the Type 22 Accessories, this machine allows you to work with a safe and spark free solution.

Alto Multi 20 Inox – Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

$0.00 ex GST
Nilfisk Multi 20 Inox can handle the scourge of wet and dry cleaning tasks, whether they involve water, sand, soil, sludge, ashes or wood chippings. Robust construction and high power makes the Nilfisk Multi 20 ideal for cleaning workshops, car interiors, garages and wet rooms.